Wall Mounting Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace

Invented from the 18th century, open fireplace screens soon grew to become an indispensable accessory. In comparison to the story of the fireplace itself, open fireplace screens have not been so long in presence. In case you invest in a screen which does not fit the fireplace of yours correctly, it is able to throw off the overall look of the whole room.

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Wall Mounting Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace

Possibly the most typical kind of fireplace screen is actually the mesh spark arrestor made from finely wrought interlinked chains, that are hung from a rod suspended by means of the lintel within the fireplace opening. As a result, you can merely imagine what some of these screens will look like and how much they're able to enhance your existing decor.

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There are some screens the while they're able to work as barriers, they're pretty easy to twist as well as manipulate. The fireplace display was created in a means that they're able to prevent the logs, sparks and embers to leave the open fireplace. Make sure the screen is going to cover the firebox to ensure security.

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Standard fireplace openings average between thirty four to thirty eight inches wide and twenty eight to thirty two inches high. One of the sole disadvantages to this style is the fact that a website visitor must remove the entire display in order to make adjustments to the fire. Aluminum, steel, brass, and iron are likely the most popular metals.

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