Superior Vented Gas Fireplace Heaters

The gasoline insert comes in styles which are different, styles and designs so there's no need for you to have a tough time looking for the correct one that will compliment the decor of your house. The logs are put on top of the burner pan.

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Superior Vented Gas Fireplace Heaters

They do not pollute the air and are more cost effective than the old wood open fireplace. With a variety of styles, gas fireplaces come pre-fabricated with top vents, vent-less, and direct vents to accommodate some home. Not everyone really wants to contend with the headaches associated with a wood-burning fireplace, though.

VRL3000 – Superior

Vented gas fireplaces need a chimney thus waste product is expelled out straight away. There are many sets and before you make up your mind on your perfect option, you have to undertake a bit of homework. A gas fireplace provides a classic touch to any family room, assuming they're maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Superior DRC2000 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Superior Merit 40 Traditional Front Open Direct Vent Gas Fireplace, Electronic Ignition

Superior 35 Inch Direct Vent Traditional Gas Fireplace DRT3035

Superior Drt 2035 35″ Direct Vent Gas Fireplace W/ Logs

DRL2000 – Superior

Superior 32 Inch Medium Direct Vent Gas Insert DRI2032

Superior 32″ Direct-Vent Fireplace Insert – DRI2032

DRT2033 – Superior

Superior DRT2040 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Superior DRL3500 Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace

Direct Vent Fireplace Insert

Superior 55 Inch Contemporary Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace DRL2055TEN


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