Pilgrim Custom Fireplace Screens

A fireplace screen made of wrought iron is able to give your fireplace an attractive style. Many metal screens add a mesh screen within the frame to avert sparks and ash from flying away of the fireplace. You will discover iron screens, copper, brass, small screens, and big screens. Fireplace screens generally are available in different sizes as well as shapes.

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Pilgrim Custom Fireplace Screens

You'll find a lot of choices. Furthermore, wrought iron is likewise decorative, providing your place a nice appearance. One custom option is the spark guard the great thing about these is the fact that you are able to select the range so you understand that they will continually fit your fireplace.

Pilgrim Traditional Custom Fireplace Spark Guard

Probably the most popular sort of fireplace display screen is the mesh spark arrestor made from finely wrought interlinked chains, which are hung from a rod suspended using the lintel within the fireplace opening. Consequently, you can merely imagine what some of these screens will are like and just how much they can complement your current decor.

Large Custom Flat Guard with Arched Doors

Even though some men and women prefer a custom created display, one with both glass doors or perhaps a curtained screen, many other homeowners prefer to go with a portable screen. This will need to offer you the idea what size your fireplace screen must be. An interior with an up-to-date theme is the best house for this kind of screen.

FGN Series Forged Iron (custom size available) Pilgrim Home u0026 Hearth

FGND Forged Iron Door (custom sizes available) Pilgrim Home u0026 Hearth

FGNDA Forged Iron Door

Pilgrim 1 SGI Series Spark Guards (Custom Sizes Available) – US

Pilgrim FGND Small Frame Custom Operable Door Fireplace Screen

Pilgrim Addison Single Panel Fireplace Screen

1 SGI Series Spark Guards (custom sizes available) Pilgrim Home

Pilgrim FGN19 Craftsman Custom Fireplace Screen

Pilgrim Single Panel Arched Screen (Multi Sizes and Finished Available)

Custom Freestanding Fireplace Screen Tempered Glass

SG Series Spark Guards (custom sizes available) Pilgrim Home


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