Mounting Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace

In case you enjoy seeing burning logs in the open fireplace of yours, it's advisable to have the glass sort that could be clear and frosted. The fire box could be assembled into a mantle or perhaps into a wall of the house with little to no safety features necessary for full functionality.

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Mounting Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace

Thinking about the latest hearth display screen for the hearth of yours? There are more choices out there right now than just a few years back. Second, designer hearth screens help to improve the beauty levels of the hearth. The very first display was a single piece of mesh for a rectangle plus was laid up against the hearth.

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If you love the style of beautiful fireplace screens but do not have a fireplace in the home of yours, why not consider using one as wall art? There are plenty of distinct styles of such screens on the market that it may sound tough to select the fantastic one for your wall.

How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace

A decorative fireplace screen can do just that. The single board display screen is usually supported by feet on both sides to keep the display screen from falling forward and supports that project from the back in to the firebox for balance. These're metal plates which are positioned behind the fireplace and defend the masonry.

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