Fireplace Mantel Repair

Stone fireplace mantels are an elegant way to consume class as well as character to any room in your house. If you discover a mantel that complements the dimensions of your fireplace, installation is only a question of fixing the mantel to the wall surface around your fireplace and adding any necessary trim to discuss any exposed joints.

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Fireplace Mantel Repair

Yet as common as the fireplace mantel might seem, it's meant different things at times that are different in history serving once not just as a resource of high heat, but as a means of food preparation, with some fireplace mantels attaining an enormous width which could accommodate a couple of cooks and also roasting joint.

Fireplace Mantle Repair — Help Please

Before you start searching for fireplace mantels and surrounds, you have to understand the dimensions of your hearth, fireplace facing, in addition to a few other key elements. However, on top of the design as well as hanging of fireplace mantels arrives the decorating of these. Whichever things you choose, select colors which are in the same family members as the couch and chairs.


The cost of its is just one of the primary attractions of its. Antique mantels only come in the size that they were made in. You could need include another material or a stone on the interior of the fireplace mantel surround to be able to correctly conceal the firebox if the mantelpiece is a touch larger than your firebox.

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