Fireplace Mantel Cabinets

A hearth can act as a grand centerpiece in the homes of ours – drawing guests and family alike – as a supply of heat and as a focal point of beauty. Marble mantels will provide your room with an extremely luxurious look, that is a critical feature in these contemporary days.

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Fireplace Mantel Cabinets

When you make use of stone only on the face of your fireplace, the stone is actually cut rather thin and you improve the area of the wall of yours which supports the stone, putting less strain on your wall. Real wood mantels come in different wood sorts which include maple, pine, alder, hemlock, Douglas, cherry, merely to mention a few.

Fireplace mantel with built in cabinets – Transitional – Family

Use this fireplace mantel buying instructions manual to help you look for and pick the best mantel shelf for the house. You will find a lot of different things that you are able to do to make a distinctive fireplace mantel. Initially designed in medieval instances, the fireplace mantel acted as a hood which would catch smoke.

Cherrystone Furniture – Fireplace Mantel Custom with side cabinets

Ask these artisans for some examples of the job of theirs and remember, in case something sounds pretty good to be correct, it often is. If you've a contractor or perhaps have discovered a business enterprise that will develop and install a custom fireplace mantel for you personally, subsequently the sky's the restrict. Fireplaces have been focal points of attraction of the building.

Custom Fireplace Mantels, Fireplace Mantel Shelf, Wood Mantel

Built-in Shelving u0026 Fireplace Mantel- Craftworks Custom Cabinetry

Fireplace surround with shelving and cabinets Fireplace

Fireplace Fronts, wood mantels, shelves, cabinets, and wall

MKI Custom Trimwork and Painting – Fireplace Mantels u0026 Built-in

Fireplace Cabinets Built in Wall Units u0026 Bookcases Around Fireplaces

White fireplace mantel after install with built in cabinets

FIREPLACE MANTELS u0026 SURROUNDS – Traditional – Family Room – New

Shaker Fireplace Surround and Bookcase Cabinetry in Elmhurst

Hand Crafted Fireplace Cabinet And Mantel by Boltonwoodworking

Built-in Cabinets u0026 Fireplace Mantel – Craftworks Custom Cabinetry


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