Fireplace Brick Cleaner Home Depot

A fireplace can be a beautiful focal point in any room, but over time, the bricks can become dirty and discolored. Regular cleaning is important to maintain the appearance of the fireplace and ensure that it is safe to use. One product that can be used to clean fireplace bricks is a fireplace brick cleaner. One place where you can find fireplace brick cleaners is at Home Depot.

The Home Depot offers a variety of fireplace brick cleaners that can be used to clean different types of bricks. These cleaners are specially formulated to remove soot, dirt, and grime from the bricks, and they are easy to use. Simply apply the cleaner to the bricks and let them sit for a few minutes. Then, use a stiff brush to scrub the bricks and rinse the cleaner away with water.

One popular fireplace brick cleaner available at Home Depot is the Rutland White Off Glass Cleaner. This cleaner is designed to remove soot and discoloration from white bricks, and it is safe to use on glass fireplaces. It is also a non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly product.

Another option is the Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser. This degreaser is designed to remove heavy-duty grime and soot, it is also safe for use on bricks, but it should be avoided on glass fireplaces.

It’s important to always read the instructions and warning labels on any fireplace brick cleaner before using it. Some cleaners may not be suitable for certain types of bricks or may require special precautions. In addition, always test the cleaner in a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it will not discolor or damage the bricks.

Fireplace Brick Cleaner Home Depot

Maintaining a clean fireplace is important for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Fireplace brick cleaners, available at Home Depot, can be a great solution for cleaning dirty and discolored bricks. Be sure to read the instructions and warning labels on the cleaner before using it and test in a small area first to ensure it won’t discolor or damage the bricks.

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Fireplace Brick Cleaner Home Depot: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Fireplace Bricks

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, but over time, the bricks can become dirty and stained. Fortunately, there’s a solution – fireplace brick cleaner. In this article, we’ll take a look at what fireplace brick cleaner is, how to use it, and answer some frequently asked questions about the product. Plus, we’ll explore the top picks for fireplace brick cleaner at Home Depot.

What is Fireplace Brick Cleaner?

Fireplace brick cleaner is a specially formulated cleaning solution that is designed to remove soot, smoke stains, and other types of dirt from the bricks in your fireplace. It can be used on both interior and exterior brick surfaces and is an effective way of restoring the beauty of your fireplace.

How to Use Fireplace Brick Cleaner?

Using fireplace brick cleaner is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Remove any loose debris from the surface of the bricks using a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner.

2. Apply the fireplace brick cleaner to the surface of the bricks.

3. Allow the cleaner to sit for the recommended amount of time (usually 10-15 minutes).

4. Scrub the surface of the bricks with a stiff-bristled brush or scrub pad.

5. Rinse the surface of the bricks thoroughly with water.

6. Dry with a clean cloth.


Q: Can I use regular cleaning products on my fireplace bricks?

A: No, regular cleaning products are not suitable for cleaning fireplace bricks as they may contain chemicals that can damage or discolor them. It’s best to use a specially formulated fireplace brick cleaner.

Q: How often should I clean my fireplace bricks?

A: The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you use your fireplace. If you use it frequently during cold weather months, it’s recommended that you clean it at least once per year.

Q: Can I use a pressure washer to clean my fireplace bricks?

A: No, pressure washers are not suitable for cleaning fireplace bricks as they can cause damage to them by dislodging mortar or forcing water into small crevices.

Top Picks for Fireplace Brick Cleaner at Home Depot

1. Rutland Brick & Stone Cleaner – This versatile product not only cleans bricks but also works on stone surfaces. It’s easy to use and effective at removing soot and other stains from your fireplace.

2. ChimneySaver Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner – This innovative product allows you to simply paint on a layer of cleaner onto your brick surface, let it dry overnight, and then peel off for an easy cleanup.

3. Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser – While not specifically designed for fireplaces, this heavy-duty degreaser works wonders on tough stains like soot and smoke residue.

4. TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner – Another all-purpose cleaner that can be used on fireplaces, TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner is effective at removing stubborn stains and built-up grime.

5. Quick n Brite All-Purpose Cleaning Paste – This natural cleaning paste is gentle enough to use on all surfaces but powerful enough to tackle tough stains like those found on fireplace bricks.


Cleaning your fireplace bricks doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you have the right tools at your disposal. With an effective fireplace brick cleaner from Home Depot and a little bit of elbow grease, you can have your beautiful hearth looking like

Is it necessary to wear protective gear when using fireplace brick cleaner?

Yes, it is necessary to wear protective gear when using fireplace brick cleaner. The chemicals in the cleaner can be harmful to your skin and eyes, so it is important to wear gloves and eye protection. Additionally, you should wear a mask to avoid breathing in any fumes or dust from the cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using any cleaning product.

What are some common mistakes people make when cleaning their fireplace bricks?

1. Using too much water: Water can penetrate the porous surface of brick and cause damage over time, so it’s important not to use too much when cleaning.

2. Using abrasive cleaners: Abrasive cleaners can scratch and damage bricks, so it’s important to avoid using them.

3. Ignoring safety precautions: Cleaning a fireplace can be dangerous if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Always wear gloves and eye protection, and make sure the area is well-ventilated.

4. Scrubbing too hard: Scrubbing too hard can damage the surface of the bricks, so it’s important to use a gentle touch when cleaning.

5. Not removing all of the soot: If you don’t remove all of the soot from your fireplace bricks, it will build up over time and become more difficult to clean in the future.

6. Neglecting regular maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your fireplace clean and safe to use. Make sure to clean your fireplace regularly and have it inspected by a professional at least once a year.

7. Using the wrong type of cleaner: Some cleaners are not suitable for use on brick, so make sure to choose a product that is specifically designed for cleaning brick surfaces.