Changing Brick To Stone Fireplace

If you've previously eliminated the thought of a fire pit, then you're looking at having a fireplace made from some sort of stone. These're the choices you might consider: granite, marble, travertine, limestone etc. A hearth of an exterior design is actually among the most sought after options.

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Changing Brick To Stone Fireplace

They are available in great colors and designs plus the hand-carved backyard open fireplace is among the choicest property of any householder. Another plan is making a faux fireplace and simply make a room for the open fireplace insert as well as the rest is simply for show to mimic the physical appearance of the regular fireplace.

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While choosing a mantel, regardless if you are picking stone or maybe marble mantels, you've to think about the amount of surface that you have surrounding the open fireplace. Available in an array of colors, marble and Stone Fireplace Mantels are extremely easy to maintain, especially since they're not impaired or scratched very easily.

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