Outside Fireplace Mantels

Numerous house owners fail to realize that they're able to do a number of things on their fireplace mantel so it will be appealing and interesting more. Without the mantel, there wouldn't be much to be excited about an open fireplace. In order to save money, this particular project might be taken on by the … Read more

Pictures Of Corner Fireplace Mantels

Many house owners fail to recognize that they can do several things on their fireplace mantel so it will be more interesting and appealing. Without having the mantel, there would not be very much to be excited about an open fireplace. In order to save money, this particular project could be taken on by the … Read more

Colonial Fireplace Mantel Designs

Many folks hang paintings above the fire locale, when you are thinking about a lot of cases a painting of a niche on a bright summer day is hanging higher than the mantel with family pictures in danger of antique frames on the mantel completes the warm cozy sensation of the room. Yet another option … Read more

Hollow Fireplace Mantel Shelves

There are lots of beautiful ones to pick from. Needless to say, the choice of yours of wood will in addition be primarily dependant on the budget of yours for the job also. The purpose for modern safety, fire and building codes and regulations is to ensure the safety of yours and also the preservation … Read more

Fireplace Mantel Shelf DIY

You could perhaps need to produce one on your own. Nevertheless, there nonetheless have to be balance in the asymmetrical decoration to be able to create likely the greatest effect. Hearth mantel designs, that have gone through times of ornate marbles and ostentatious design have settled directly into the 21st century with flair. Images about … Read more

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas For Winter

Whatever you decide, you are able to have the best-looking mantel for the house. Natural stone is actually noncombustible, which means that you don't always need an interior or surround for your fireplace. The utilization of stone as a material for mantels are able to be traced back to the 16th century. Images about Fireplace … Read more

Modern Rustic Fireplace Mantel

You are able to buy a beautiful antique fireplace mantel that is going to give your room a traditional look or maybe you are able to find a granite or maybe marble fireplace mantel that can provide your bedroom an updated and look which is contemporary. Marble fireplaces are probably the most intriguing option today … Read more

Electric Fireplace Mantel White

A fireplace is able to work as a grand centerpiece in the homes of ours – drawing guests and loved ones as well – as a resource of heat and as a focal point of beauty. Marble mantels are going to provide your bedroom with an extremely luxurious look, which is an important feature in … Read more

Fake White Fireplace Mantel

It truly is up to you, and you are able to change it up to offer variation to your mantel every three months or so. The style of the mantel can pretty much discuss as much about the person who built it as the pictures as well as decorative parts that are positioned on top … Read more

Fireplace Mantel Shelf White

You are able to have two huge candles on either end like, and maybe balance it with a large decorative piece in the center. Natural stone fireplace mantels are the generally more expensive, but also the more beautiful. The truth is there are just as a number of mixed style choices for a antique hearth … Read more