How To Build A Mantel For An Electric Fireplace Insert

We like to think of a mantel encircle as a three sided picture frame and the brick, stone or maybe tile fireplace facing which surrounds the fireplace opening can be regarded as a mat inside the frame. Real wood candlesticks also work nicely on the mantel when you use bronze or perhaps copper open fireplace … Read more

Ideas For Fireplace Mantel Accessories

Many hang paintings higher than than fire locale, when you're thinking about numerous situations a painting of a field on a bright summer day is actually hanging over the mantel with family members photos in antique frames on the mantel completes the bright cozy feeling of the home. Another alternative is actually of course antique … Read more

Fireplace Mantel Cover Up

In most homes, a mantel layout may well include extra woodwork on the wall previously mentioned the main mantel, generally termed an Overmantel. You can see over hundreds of designs and this will be tough for you to select the finest since there is a range of designs that it is hard to select. Images … Read more

Fireplace Mantel Renovation

Many hang paintings over the fire locality, when you are thinking about many cases a painting of an area on a warm summer day is hanging over the mantel with loved ones photos in danger of antique frames on the mantel completes the warm cozy feeling of the room. Another option is of course antique … Read more

Fireplace Mantel With Columns

An open fireplace is able to serve as a grand centerpiece in our homes – drawing guests and loved ones alike – as a source of heat and as a center point of beauty. Marble mantels will provide your bedroom with an incredibly luxurious appearance, that is an important feature in these contemporary days. Images … Read more

How To Build A Mantel For A Stone Fireplace

Many home owners fail to understand that they are able to do several things on their fireplace mantel so it will be more interesting and appealing. Without the mantel, there wouldn't be much to be excited about an open fireplace. In order to save money, this particular project might be taken on by the homeowner. … Read more

Creating A Fireplace Mantel

However, selecting the perfect mantel piece isn't a simple job, especially in case you are fresh out of fireplace mantel strategies or perhaps have no idea what your options are. The fireplace mantel is familiar to us all as a sign of home and comfort . The fireplace mantel shelf is actually developed to hold … Read more

Pictures Of Decorated Fireplace Mantels

Likewise, an area with a dark fireplace ensemble but other brass and brass lamps decorative extras are going to be perked up with brass candlesticks on the mantel. The stone carving shop will give you the best cost for the quality and in addition they generally have their very own design experts that will help … Read more

Electric Fireplace With Media Mantel

That is the reason why you have to select a fireplace mantel which mirrors the design of the home of yours, fits well with your fireplace, as well as has adequate space to accommodate the property you would like to put on it. It's very simple to squeeze in a granite, marble, or perhaps slate … Read more

Wide Fireplace Mantel Shelf

It's functional but not pleasing to the eye. Home builders prefer stones just since they provide a number of choices as they are available in a variety of textures as well as colors. You can find new mantels in any home improvement center or maybe maybe even at an auction or even estate sale. Images … Read more