Antique Oak Fireplace Mantels

If there are just as styles which are many as well as style kinds, and then why would many people choose and antique hearth mantel over modern ones? And merely as its made of wood does not imply that it's to be plain or boring looking. A marble fireplace mantel will cost in the $500 scope.

Images about Antique Oak Fireplace Mantels

Antique Oak Fireplace Mantels

It is likewise fireproof and durable, making it the ideal material to get a mantel shelf. In case you want a shelf besides a face surrounding the fireplace of yours, you should choose wood, tempered glass, or maybe perhaps artificial shelves. You'll find special glues on the marketplace that are used only for fireplaces.

Antique oak mantel from the 19th century – Wood

You are able to usually have a fireplace mantel to explain whom we are just among the decorations that are actually develop on it. Hearth mantels can include a great deal of individuality to a room with an open fireplace. Fireplace mantels that come straight out of a magazine page are not the only fireplace mantels that can be viewed as attractive.

Salvaged Oak Fireplace Mantel

Commonly used throughout Europe, the metallic mantel is developed to provide optimum high temperatures output with little size. As a result, mantels present a decorating highlight to any area with an open fireplace, designs which might or may well not lengthen all the healthy way to the ceiling. It frames the bright glow of the fire.

Antique Wooden Fireplace Mantel, Carved with Satyr and Columns, 19th Century Italy


M21011 – Poplar Horse, Sunflower, and Corn Carved Mantle

Vintage Oak Fireplace Mantel, 1920s

Antique Wood Fireplace Mantle, 1850s


Antique oak fireplace mantel. Fireplace mantels for sale

Smithu0027s Antiques – #B864 Tiger Oak Fireplace Mantle – Smithu0027s

Antique Wooden Fireplace Mantel The Peopleu0027s Store

Antique Quarter Sawn Oak Fireplace Mantel with Beveled Mirror

Oak Fireplace Mantel with Mirror Crescent Moon Antiques and Salvage


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