48 Tall Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen basically exists to prevent sparks, ash and coal from flying into your floor, which makes the place near the fireplace safe for kids, pets and obviously the whole property from getting burned down. A open fireplace alone should hold logs pretty good. Additionally, if the screen size is actually larger, the fireplace looks larger plus more attractive.

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48 Tall Fireplace Screen

You do not want the display of yours to be way too huge or even too small for the fireplace of yours. In case you are a renter, you may want to choose a basic color pattern to ensure that when you move, the screen of yours can go right along with you. What happens in worst cases, a house fire could result.

Pleasant Hearth 48-in Colonial Brown Steel 3-Panel Arched

Here are some suggestions for choosing the right board folding screens for your room. Next, you need to include 10 to 12 inches to the width and 2 to 5 inches to the height. Typically this top section of screening is shaped just like the curved section of a traditional roll front desk.

Style Selections 48-in Black Powder Coated Steel 3-panel Arched

While some folks prefer a custom developed screen, one with either glass doors or a curtained display, many other homeowners prefer to go with a portable screen. This will need to offer you the idea how large your fireplace screen should be. An interior with an up-to-date design is the best home for that type of screen.

Tall Fireplace Screen Wayfair

Barton 48″ Fireplace Screen 3-Panel Folding Magnetic Doors with 4-Pieces Fire Place Tools Set Steel Fire Spark Guard, Gold

Tall Fireplace Screen Wayfair

Pine Branch Glass Folding Fireplace Screen – 48″ Wide x 33.5″ Tall

Simple Fireplace Screen – 48″ Wide x 45″ Tall

1. GO Fireplace Screen with Doors, 31.5″(H) X 48″(W)

Tall Fireplace Screen Wayfair

Pleasant Hearth Arched 3-Panel Fireplace Screen 959

3-Panel Fireplace Screen 48

Fireplace Screens – Fireplaces – The Home Depot

Gymax Fireplace Screen with Hinged Magnetic Two-doors Flat Guard Freestanding Black


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